Healing the Bay Area’s Uninsured Communities

The Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California is a nonprofit medical clinic committed to serving those in need. Since 2008, we have provided free on-site preventative health care services and treatment to the Bay Area’s uninsured and low-income community.



A Growing Impact


Hear Our Stories

The Order of Malta Clinic is a special place where volunteer doctors and the Catholic Diocese of Oakland have come together to provide much needed free health care services in our community. The preventative care provided leads to a healthier lifestyle and more productive opportunities for those most in need.


Every time I go into the clinic, I’m very impressed with the doctors, the nurses, the people who are there helping out on behalf of the Church with warm smiles, their kindness, to take care of anybody who walks in off the street who needs help.
— Michael C. Barber, SJ Bishop of Oakland