A Knight for Champions Honors Dr. Robert James Stein KM, MD

We are thrilled to announce this year’s Champion and recipient of the Silver Chalice Award, Dr. Robert J. Stein, KM. Dr. Stein is a founding organizer of the Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California and long-time member of the Clinic Board’s medical committee.

Dr. Stein will be honored on Tuesday, October 11, at the Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California’s ‘A Knight For Champions’ – 8th Annual Silver Chalice Awards Dinner at the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. Proceeds from the event will go towards expanding the Clinic’s operations from 3 days to five days weekly.

About Dr. Stein KM, MD

What do Louis L’Amour, Peggy Lee and Robert James Stein have in common?  That’s a question that can be answered only by a few.  However, the gregarious, accomplished and magnanimous Bob Stein is, and has been, the answer to many a quest and quandary of the Order of Malta Western Association.

Dr. Stein’s contributions to medicine and mankind begin in the late 1950s, with a doctorate degree of medicine from St. Louis University School of Medicine, followed by residencies in medicine and anesthesiology at St. Louis City Hospital and University of California San Francisco, respectively.

Promotion coming quick to Dr. Stein, he was made Chief of Anesthesiology by the U.S. Army at the 20th Station Hospital in Nurnberg, Germany.  And then on to becoming the Department Chairman of Anesthesiology at Mt. Diablo Hospital Medical Center in Concord, CA, where he developed significant expertise in cardiac, neuro, obstetric, pediatric and trauma anesthesiology.

Dovetailing his rise in medicine, Bob marries the love of his life Helen Mary D’Arcy, and they were blessed with three beautiful sons: Robert, John and Thomas, who all in their own rights followed in their parent’s footsteps exuding the strong character traits of kindness, honesty, loyalty, dependability, honor and being men of God.

Always a man of God, Dr. Stein discovered the Order of Malta and how he could offer his medical services while serving God.  Joining the Order in 1985, Bob, with Helen Mary at his side, dove into the Lourdes Pilgrimage as a participant, director and medical director.  Notably, Dr. Stein proposed the first all USA and English-speaking medical doctors meeting in Lourdes, a practice that continues to this day.

When Archbishop Vigneron and Dick Madden were proposing the Order of Malta Clinic at the Cathedral of Christ the Light they immediately turned to Dr. Stein for guidance.  A study group, that included doctors Gene Cattolica and Bob Masi, was formed to determine the feasibility of running a free clinic at the Cathedral, and with Bob at the helm, it was determined a viable idea. The study group then became part of an ongoing committee that ultimately designed the service parameters for the Clinic, most of which still exists today.

Bob and Helen Mary are fused into the fabric of the Order of Malta Western Association, and Bob has been a selfless volunteer.  From serving on the medical committee for the Order of Malta Clinic board of directors to contributing the flu shot clinic at Summit Hospital, serving the elderly at St. Anne’s Home and Mercy Retirement Center, to Lourdes medical director and vice chair of the Growing the Faith committee, Bob’s contributions are incomparable.  And when the Order of Malta Clinic of Northern California counts their blessings—Bob is one of its greatest.

PS…Louis L’Amour, Peggy Lee and Bob Stein were all born in Jamestown, North Dakota.

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