American Dream to American Health System Quagmire


Shao-Chieh is a 64 year old Chinese American who has lived the American dream. Unfortunately, through a series of unforeseeable events, he has now entered the American health system quagmire.

He was born in Taiwan in the 1950’s, as one of five children in his family. Following graduation from Taiwan University with a degree in mathematics, he fulfilled his two year Taiwanese Army service requirement. Soon afterwards, he successfully matriculated into a prestigious American University and graduation with a Master’s Degree.

Marriage and a successful career followed. Being hardworking and entrepreneurial, he opened his own business which became quite prosperous. He and his wife lived the “good life.” Sadly his wife died about 10 years ago. He lost his ambition and drive to work long hours, 7 days a week. His business suffered and he had to declare bankruptcy.

He lost his health insurance, along with his wife and business. He was hoping to make it to age 65 and receive Medicare. Then he lost his health and became seriously ill. Under normal circumstances he would have gone to a nearby emergency room. However, fearing an enormous bill, he suffered at home alone!

Then a friend mentioned the Malta Clinic. He came here; tests were done and appropriate medication given. He is doing well now, praise God!

Every time I go into the clinic, I’m very impressed with the doctors, the nurses, the people who are there helping out on behalf of the Church with warm smiles, their kindness, to take care of anybody who walks in off the street who needs help.

— Michael C. Barber, S.J., Bishop of Oakland

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